Two Tiered Silk Chandelier

$1,329.95 $1,529.95

Exquisite! This gorgeous art deco inspired chandelier is crafted from a beautiful white/ivory color silk. Built on a brass metal frame with strong gold accent polyester cording and an amber glass finial bead at the base. This chandelier takes 3 light bulbs and includes the antique brass canopy. 

While the fixture can take either standard base incandescent bulbs, compact flourescent bulbs or LED bulbs, we recommend the frosted LED bulbs because they burn at the lowest temperature and last the longest.

Dimensions: 33" diameter x 14" tall

Canopy: 5" diameter

Drop length: adjustable from 6 feet to 14"

Weight: 4 lbs

A portion of all sales are donated to help end violence against women. We sincerely thank you!