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  • The Beach Isn't Just For Summertime

    Dec 19 2019

    If you are like me and live in a four season climate, winter can be harsh and long. It's a major reason why I love the coastal style in h...

  • Are you a Coffee or Tea Household?

    Jun 16 2019

      Coffee or Tea? Answering this seemingly simple question is like entering a minefield of possibilities. When posing this question, I'm i...

  • Spring is Here and So Is Cottage Season!

    Jun 02 2019

      Spring is finally here! It has been a long and frustrating wait. One of the ways that people around here mark the season, is by opening...

  • Wanted Dead or Alive - Design Trends to Keep or Not?

    May 18 2019

        Aside from major trend shifts year to year, I like to look at smaller design ideas to see if they also go in and out of favour. You d...

  • A Curated World

    May 06 2019

      I must admit to not being very confident in my abilities to style a surface. I suspect many of you feel the same way. My interests and ...