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  • The End of Open Concept?

    Apr 29 2022

      When and why do trends come in and out of favour? It often feels like an omnipotent force regularly decides our design fates by bringin...

  • Home Staging Done Right

    Feb 26 2022

      I recently completed a successful staging project.  Although we live in a city where houses practically sell themselves, I would like t...

  • Youtube Influencers and Designing Part 2 Who You NEED to Follow

    Nov 15 2021

        I hope you enjoyed my last blog – the wonderful and crazy world of YouTube. Here is the second half of my review of channels I subscr...

  • Youtubers and Influencers You NEED to Follow in Home Design

    Sep 28 2021

        I would like to think that the pandemic made me do it. But to be honest, it was about 4 years ago, I discovered YouTube. At first, I ...

  • Pandemic Poolside

    Jul 26 2021

      The concept of staycation has never meant more than during this crazy Pandemic. We’ve all learned to love the ones we’re with and love ...