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  • Summertime is for Watermelon!

    These watermelon bowls will make you smile.

  • Pool Towel Storage

    Handmade Canvas Bins

  • Add Coastal Style To Your Decor!

    Driftwood Wall Mirror

  • Natural Materials for Your Beach House

    Seagrass wrapped ceramic vase.

Meet Carol, Our Design Expert!

Want to redecorate your space but don't know where to start? Browse our blog for design tips, how to's, and what NOT to do. Whether your space is big or small, we can help!

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Fair Trade Home Décor Products

Support Fair Trade Families

Many of our home décor products are sourced from around the world and created by talented artists. Your purchases help to maintain their independence in an otherwise difficult environment. 

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Help End Violence Against Women

With every purchase you make at Adley & Company Inc., a portion goes to help end violence against women.

We sincerely thank you .

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