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Need A Change? Update Your Bedding!

Posted on April 21 2017

Need A Change? Update Your Bedding!


Of course you can have a makeover in a day! There are a ton of simple ways to re-do rooms. Our favourite room is the bedroom and starting with a fresh set of bed linens can be very inspiring for the rest of the room. Here are our top 5 ideas.


Call me Ishmael, but I've always been fascinated with the ocean. Nothing is quite as calming as waves hitting the shore, whether it be in the tropics or the New England coast. The smell of sea air caressing ones' appetite for fresh fish is hard to beat. Go full nautical or just use a few accessories, but start with blue & white bedding, and stripes are always fun! 




Embrace your inner bohemian. Layers are the key here and lots of different patterns. Florals are predominant - think about the 1960s and transport yourself.

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Think of a well fitting jacket. Smooth, clean and structured. This type of bedroom has straight lines, often stripes and pleats and is always kept neat and tidy!



Pretty much anything goes, as long as it's sparkly and exaggerated. Concentrate on mirrors, silver & shiny objects. You may not get a lot of sleep here (but maybe that's not the point!)



Often subdued tones and colors in layers will make a bed luxurious and elegant. Throw in a chandelier and not only is it elegant, but romantic.




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