10 Clever Beds Ideas - Shake Up The Bedroom!

Posted on March 05 2017

10 Clever Beds Ideas - Shake Up The Bedroom!


Functional and stylish. For sleeping or activities. We've found some spectacular beds that take your bedroom to a whole new level! This isn't the room from your childhood anymore.

Stunning in it's simplicity, this canopy bed makes rolling out of bed quite easy!


 Space bed. Designed by Natalie Rumyanseva, this resembles an egg or capsule.

Book bed. Designed by Yusuke Suzuki to make the best use of small spaces, this book bed folds out at night and it's 'pages' are the duvet covers. During the day it can be folded back to create a play space.

Not so much the bed as the alcove space that was built for it. Smooth soft lines create a look and feel of relaxation. The alcove is dark and perfect for sleeping or napping during the day.

Hidden bed. We love clever uses of space and double duty spaces. A raised platform combines an office and pull out bed underneath. No need to make your bed anymore either!

Floating bed. How'd they do that? Some beds are hung with cables, others are supports by hidden beams. 

It's YUGE! This is a custom made frame, which is very simple to do. Add two double or queen mattresses and voila! A bed everyone can be in!

Bunk beds. This boat house style set up is an amazing use of the space!

It's a wait, it's a couch! Clearly this is large enough and cozy enough to be both!




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