San Felipe Small Model Ship

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This exquisite model of the San Felipe is a smaller-scale version, handcrafted from the finest woods including rosewood, mahogany, teak, and other exotic varieties, skillfully and artistically crafted to exact specifications by master artisans.

The model ship has a clear varnished coating follow with amazing details such as a wooden bowsprit, foremast, mainmast, and mizzen mast. They are all connected to numerous fabric sails with detailed stitching, and all rigging is fastened by hand in matching colors. There’s a small wooden cabin with a wooden boat on the main deck and on the quarter deck, there is a wooden cabin. There are wooden railings surrounding the beakdeck area toward the quarter deck area. You can easily spot 3 long rows of metal cannons on both side of the hull, and other crafted metal parts on the front and back of the ship. There is also a wooden rudder to help the ship maneuver in the right direction. An attached wooden stand with a nameplate engraved “San Felipe 1690” is standard on this model. Built according to scale through original plans, pictures and drawings, there are no plastic parts - only the highest quality wood and metal parts. This model ship arrives to you fully-assembled and ready to be displayed.

Dimensions: 19" length x 7" width x 18" tall

A little history:

The San Felipe, launched in 1690, was one of the most beautiful Spanish galleons of the XVII century. She was the lead ship of the famous Spanish Armada. The San Felipe displaced more than 1000 tons and was armed with 96 cannons, enabling her to take on the most formidable ships in the French and British navies. The San Felipe’s role in the war against the British and French was to help protect Spanish settlements and harbors, to transport treasures, and to safeguard the long and hazardous passage back to Spanish ports. In 1705, the San Felipe participated in a furious and heroic battle between 12 Spanish ships and 35 British ships. After 24 hours of battle, she was captured by an English ship, but was so badly damaged that she could not be salvaged as a prize. She went down to the bottom of the ocean with several tons of gold.