San Felipe Exclusive Edition Model Ship

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This San Felipe Exclusive Edition model is distinguished by a distinctive laser-cut hull serial number. Its ornate details and exquisite craftsmanship set it apart from any other vessel of its time. To accurately capture the ship's timeless beauty, we have carefully selected the most exotic woods, such as rosewood, ebony, and mahogany, and adorned it with premium brass fittings.

Indulge in the exquisite craftsmanship of this stunning vessel, reminiscent of a luxurious piece of artwork. Every detail, from bow to stern, showcases an array of gleaming brass fixtures and cannons. Hand-selected wood pieces in varying shades and hues are thoughtfully combined to achieve an impressive aesthetic. Adorned with an abundance of delicate brass ornaments, railing, figurines, and lanterns, the stern is a masterpiece of design.

All the decks are done by putting together many rectangular small wooden pieces and the round shape stairs connect the main deck and the forecastle deck. The main deck is also equipped with life boats, which even come with their own paddles. And then there are the skylight, ship bell, and ship wheel…etc. The model comes with its original flag and rest on a steady wooden base with attached metal name plate.

Dimensions: 37" length x 12" width x 35" tall. Light assembly needed.

A little history:

The San Felipe, launched in 1690, was one of the most beautiful Spanish galleons of the XVII century. She was the lead ship of the famous Spanish Armada. The San Felipe displaced more than 1000 tons and was armed with 96 cannons, enabling her to take on the most formidable ships in the French and British navies. The San Felipe’s role in the war against the British and French was to help protect Spanish settlements and harbors, to transport treasures, and to safeguard the long and hazardous passage back to Spanish ports. In 1705, the San Felipe participated in a furious and heroic battle between 12 Spanish ships and 35 British ships. After 24 hours of battle, she was captured by an English ship, but was so badly damaged that she could not be salvaged as a prize. She went down to the bottom of the ocean with several tons of gold.

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