Fair Trade Ukhamba Hand Made Lidded Basket

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To create this traditional, all-natural basket, weavers use strips of naturally waxy palm fronds wrapped around coils of wild grasses. Crafted from Zulu weavers in South Africa, the age-old tradition of basket weaving is usually passed down from grandmother to granddaughter. This helps to preserve Zulu culture as the grandmothers have the opportunity to recite oral history and stories to the younger generations as they all weave together.

These baskets are all-natural; dyes are made from materials as diverse as flower petals and mud. Some colors are very rare due to the scarcity of certain minerals. Other colors are only available seasonally, when specific flowers bloom.

Dimensions: 18" wide x 18" tall 

A portion of all sales are donated to help end violence against women. We sincerely thank you!