Fair Trade African Zulu Wire Plate


The intricate and super charged colorful handcrafted design of this flat plate is just gorgeous! Zulu weavers wrap coils of wire similar to telephone wire around a solid metal core to create these ‘hard wire’ decorative plates. I have one that sits on a plate display! 

Fair trade by artisans in South Africa. We thank you for your support.

Dimensions: 11.5" across x 0.5" deep

About the weavers:

Since wire baskets are woven by many men due to the difficult nature of weaving wire, they are able to stay home on their tribal lands instead of moving to cities to look for work. In the rural groups we work with, the family units are preserved so that the weavers and their families can live more traditional lifestyles.

A portion of all sales are donated to help end violence against women. We sincerely thank you!