Chris Craft Triple Cockpit Painted Model Ship


This 100% handcrafted mahogany Chris Craft model boat displays exquisite beauty with precision painted colors, chrome and brass fittings, detailed dashboard and leather seats. The construction follows the exact scale of original plans and images through intensive study. Several coats of varnish are hand-sanded between applications for a smooth finish, and this model boat is mounted on a wooden base and shipped to you fully assembled. With the same level of luxury as the real boat, this model is a show-stopping work of art.

Dimensions: 32" length x 9" width x 8.5" tall

A little history:

Founded by Christopher Columbus Smith around the 1920s, Chris Craft Co. still stands as a leader in producing high-powered, luxurious leisure boats. The quality of his models was tested through competitive speedboat racing, and the Christ Craft superiority rang true as the boats consistently proved victorious. During the era of prohibition, speedboat racing was embraced by gamblers, industrialists, and mobsters. These men readily financed the high-powered designs of craftsman such as Christopher Columbus Smith, John L. Hacker, and George Crouch. As Smith’s boats started to receive awards such as the coveted Gold Cup of the American Power Boat Association, the Chris Craft name started to become a star among nautical enthusiasts. He continued to thrive in the speedboat competitions and his string of victories further accelerated the explosion of his company’s success.

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