To Be Or Not To Be Concrete

Posted on August 14 2017

To Be Or Not To Be Concrete


I went to an open house the other day in my neighbourhood, and one thing struck me about the kitchen. The concrete counter top.

I love concrete counter tops, but have not seen too many that have been done well. This particular one was still cold feeling, had too much texture and color that did not blend with the cupboards, and was over whelming. Heavy. Too heavy. Even the sink was concrete.

Concrete can be a great choice for kitchen counter tops as they are extremely durable. Price wise, it's about the same as doing granite. You can save money by DIY, but it's tricky from what I understand. I have attempted many a DIY project in my day, but that is one I would not do.

Concrete is an industrial material, so like stainless steel, be careful of not having a sudden cold feeling when finished. Unless that is what you are after, but I prefer a little warmth in my kitchen with superbly resilient materials.

Keep it light. Harder said than done, and I apologize for all the puns! Also, keep in mind great Pinterest photos - concrete does not always translate well in reality, even if the photos look fantastic.

Decorator beware and be sure. 

This grey concrete works well with white and brushed nickel accents.


The addition of gold accents warms up this bathroom space.


Warm woods will break up the industrial feel. I love the copper sink here.


While this looks great, be careful about the sink also being concrete. It starts to become stark and cold.


The entire island is concrete, minimalist, modern & industrial. It looks great if that is the look you want. Very clean and downtown.


This is superbly finished, with the concrete spilling out over the floors. The wood maintains some warmth, but this is 70% grey concrete and it may feel completely different when standing in the room rather than looking at a photo.


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