The Beach Isn't Just For Summertime

Posted on December 19 2019

The Beach Isn't Just For Summertime

If you are like me and live in a four season climate, winter can be harsh and long. It's a major reason why I love the coastal style in home decor - it helps those cold, dimly lit winters feel a little less long.

We often think of beach and coastal decorating for those lucky ones who actually live near a body of water and in temperate climates. I argue that us winter season folks probably need it more! In the depths of winter, think about adding those beachy themed items to your decor. Nothing like a pick me up on a dull day.

Even if you see snow outside your window, don't put away your coastal items and embrace the thought of a warm beach. Start small with some pineapple trinkets, seagrass baskets or throw cushions with a coastal print. If you feel brave, paint your walls a seafoam blue!


Seafoam blue walls


Throw a new piece of artwork on the wall. Feel the ocean breezes and the sand between your toes.


Grab some new plushy towels for your bathroom, hang a seaside shower curtain or find some exotic flowers to put in a vase. It's easy to keep this beach vibe going all year round!

Blue Bathroom, Coastal Decor - Adley & Company Inc.

Smokey Blue Glass Vase - Adley & Company Inc.


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