Outdoor Summer Design Trends

Posted on June 24 2017

Outdoor Summer Design Trends


Summer has finally arrived and with it comes outdoor living. After a good clean up of the front and back yards, or your patio, porch or balcony, it's time to turn that outdoor space into another room. Here are some trends for this summer that can be incorporated into your space.


Citrus tangerine in all it's glory is the go-to color this year. I haven't seen this much orange since the 1970s, but I'm loving this shade. Much brighter and crisper.

Add it in the form of furniture, whether you purchase it tangerine or paint your old stuff this bright new tone. Pillows, patio umbrellas, ottomans...pretty much anything in this color can be found.

Think Inside the Box

When you are designing or arranging your indoor spaces you probably have something specific in mind. Don't adjust that thinking just because you are going outside. Keep the same line of thought and create your living room outside. Just choose materials that can withstand rain, or can stay under a covered area. This includes waterproof fabric choices (pillows and cushions), artificial plants for balconies, resin furniture or ceramic furniture. 

Outdoor Pillow Cushions Outdoor Storage Bench

                     Outdoor Quatrefoil Pillows                   Outdoor Wood Storage Bench


Coastal Colors and Objects

Nothing says the outdoors quite like being next to a body of water. Consider a theme with nautical blues, sea shells whites and corals, or and anything that reminds you of the ocean or lake.

Coastal blue outdoor living.  

Coral Sculpture  Seahorse accent pillow.

                       Coral sculptures.                                  Seahorse accent pillow.



Depending on where you live, adding a fire element is very on trend. Practical too, as it can keep mosquitoes at bay, extends your daytime living to evening with a warm glow and keep you outside even when it begins to get cooler. Bear in mind your local fire my neck of the woods, we are not allowed open fire pits due to pollution concerns. A great alternative are the ethanol fireplaces - modern and clean burning.

Outdoor Patio Trends


For The Birds

Don't forget our fine feathered friends. Having at least one bird feeder or bird house in your yard attracts nature's best and provides a source of calmess, tranquillity and endless hours of bird watching entertainment! 

Bird Feeder  Bird House 

Hand made bird feeder.                     Dragonfly bird house.


Artificial plants.

Yes, you read that right. Artificial plants for the outdoors. For urban city dwellers, apartment and condo living - these can be a perfect alternative to live plants on the balcony. No mess, no fuss, no watering. Some artificial plants are meant for outdoors, some are meant to be used under covered areas as they may not be 100% waterproof - just double check. From topiary to succulents, artificial flora and foliage is very realistic looking!


Artificial plants.

Artificial ball topiary.   Artificial succulents. Artificial palm tree.

       Boxwood topiary.                        Artificial succulents.                6' Artificial Palm Tree




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