Rug Dilemma? How to Place Them In Your Home

Posted on February 21 2017

Rug Dilemma? How to Place Them In Your Home


Something about the placement of area rugs can often stymie folks. It's not as hard as it looks, but placing rugs properly or even in unexpected places can really pull a space together.

We're not talking about wall to wall broadloom - really just area rugs. Let's visit a few rooms and see how to add them. 


Yep, you read that right. Rugs in the kitchen are an unexpected and delightful change. Do you have that little rug in front of the kitchen sink? Not too thrilled with it?

Something like this? 

These two little rugs are simply lost and look unbalanced even though they match. There is also a greater chance of tripping.

It's probably more practical than interesting - just there to catch the drips and water spills from the sink. But let's look at the kitchen a little more.

Think bigger. Consider your kitchen as more of a family room than utilitarian. When adding a rug, it will create a sense of coziness on your cold tile floor. So think of the largest size you can fit.



So you are probably thinking, how the heck to keep this rug clean? Considering the high traffic area of the kitchen, there will be a lot of food stuffs falling on it. 

If you have the budget, you can send your carpets to the cleaners, but that can get quite expensive when done on a regular basis. Instead, look for an indoor / outdoor rug. These are made of highly durable material and can be simply hosed off. 



Pretty much do the same in your bathroom as you would in the kitchen. Try to think of the bathroom as a room - not just a place to shower. Usually, bathroom rugs are smaller so you can put them in the washing machine. But be careful of rubber backed rugs in washing machines; the rubber may disintegrate and possibly cause damage to your machine. If you are worried about slippage on the floor, use a rubber underpad to minimise movement.

Don't use these little bathroom rug sets, yuck!


This beautiful blue and red runner pulls the whole bathroom together.


 Or try a sheepskin. This will feel fab on your feet when stepping out of the shower. 


Placing an area rug in your living room depends on the size of the room. Here are some situations that may apply to you. These rules are not set in stone however, and quite often the opposite can be just as effective!

Between two sofas.

 Space your rug evenly and in the middle of two sofas. It should be symmetrical. This exposes the floor and keeps the room light and airy.


Alternatively, place the sofas a few inches over top of the rug. This creates a more cozy feel and look.

One sofa.

If you have one sofa, place the rug in front of the sofa, with about 6-12 inches of space in between the rug and sofa - so you are leaving a bit of bare floor. These keeps the space light and makes it feel larger.


Alternatively, place the sofa on top of the rug a few inches.

Sectional sofa.

If you have a sectional sofa, chances are your space is fairly large. We prefer a larger rug, but this can get into custom sizes and expensive. Find the largest pre made rug you can. If the rug is small, it will become lost as the photo below shows. It really does not add anything to this space and it's such a lovely sofa!

The rug should be underneath the couch. Below is an example of a smaller sized rug working with a sectional. It creates a very intimate setting.

The rug does not have to finish behind the sofa if the space in behind is not usable.


If you have the space and budget, opt for a larger rug that will extend beyond the back of the sofa as in the photo below. This allows for the placement of more furniture and creates a room within a room.





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