Modern City Living-5 Ideas To Bring Downtown To Your Decor

Posted on April 03 2017

Modern City Living-5 Ideas To Bring Downtown To Your Decor


Living in a large urban city has pro's and cons. It's convenient, modern, exciting, adventurous and hip. It can also be crowded, noisy and expensive. When I was young, downtown living was very important to me, needing to be close to activities, action, restaurants and bars. 

I still love that lifestyle, and getting older, while I still love the conveniences, I do prefer a little more quiet. 

That's not to say you can't have a modern or contemporary look in your decor wherever you happen to live. Even in a country farmhouse home, mixing modern with shabby chic or vintage looks fab. Here are some ideas for you. 


Can you incorporate an open floor plan? Is there a wall in your house you are constantly bumping into and think, "this wall doesn't need to be here"? Keeping in mind that some walls are supporting the roof of your home, so you might need the advice of a professional to make sure you are doing it correctly.




Furniture pieces that have a raised level and exposed legs are considered modern. But they are also technically a style from the 1950s and 1960s. Putting a piece or two in your decor, or using the main sofa as a modern piece will modernise your decor.

This modern egg shaped, cocoon chair is a style from the space age designs of the 1960s. Click here to see this fab wool upholstered chair in our store.



If you can do a monochrome palette, you've hit the jackpot! But not everyone can add white. If you are a busy household with kids and pets, this may not be for you. However, you can add a piece or two, or do the opposite color - black! Or better still, mix the two.




The minimalist movement has been around a long time, and every few years, after a time of excesses, there is always a move back to it. There is currently a minimalist movement - extreme minimalism really, incorporating all aspects of one's life. From clothing to food to furniture, it is doing away with anything that is not needed. 

Minimalist style is great for small spaces or apartments, to keep them clean, uncluttered and feeling spacious.




A design style that originated in the 1920s and 1930s in Germany, it is a quintessentially modern look. Emphasis was placed on industrial designs with simple and functional character. A piece or two of furniture in the Bauhaus style will be sophisticated as well as functional.





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