How to Create A Rustic Kitchen

Posted on January 18 2017

How to Create A Rustic Kitchen


Love the rustic farmhouse look for your kitchen? It's easy to do! Depending on how 'rustic' you want to go, a few modifications to your existing space will add the look you want. If you are lucky enough to be starting or just thinking of a kitchen renovation, the possibilities are endless!


One of the first things you might think of in a farm house kitchen is the abundance of wooden items. From the raw, un-sanded furniture to wooden storage boxes and wooden treen bowls, the warmth of wood is undeniable.

Start with a few accessories and see how you like it. We recommend storage ideas first as they are easily moved around or removed completely if you don't like it.


Fair trade wooden bowl                    Small drawer storage


Farmhouse Rustic Cubby Storage               Vertical Rustic Wood Storage Bins



Not only is it reminiscent of a rustic kitchen, the open shelving concept is huge right now, even in modern kitchens! Don't be afraid to remove the doors of your existing cupboards. You will be surprised at how it will open up your space. But keep in mind, the shelves need to be kept tidy and somewhat uniform in color. You might need to add a little trim or moulding to finish the edges of the cupboards. 

Alternatively, install wooden shelving on brackets. Same rules apply for tidiness...keep to one or two colors when displaying your plates and crockery otherwise it will look messy.


Another easy storage idea that is not only functional, but looks great! Baskets are very rustic and come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Put them on your shelving or leave on the counter - they will look fab!


Set of 3 Storage Baskets                            Seagrass Rope Basket



Here is the fun part! Incorporating larger pieces into your kitchen. When you are ready, the traditional farmhouse table is a staple. They are gorgeous and will last forever. Pair with traditional chairs or something more modern if you like.

Traditional unmatched chairs paired with farmhouse table.

Paired with modern acrylic ghost chairs.


From wooden trolleys to custom made islands, a modern kitchen is pretty much incomplete without one. Find the biggest one that will fit in your kitchen - you will appreciate the extra prepping space!





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