How to Choose a Duvet or Comforter

Posted on April 07 2017

How to Choose a Duvet or Comforter


Need a new duvet or comforter? Can't remember the last time you shopped for one or even how? We're here to help! There is a lot of terminology when shopping for duvets and comforters - and as usual in today's information age, it can be overwhelming. What is fill power? What is goose down? Why are duvets sold in different seasons?

You want a good night's rest, so you need to know if you like a warmer environment or a cooler one while sleeping. 

Goose down duvets come in three ways: winter, summer and 4 seasons. 

Winter Duvets are great for those who:

  • live in a climate with cold winters 
  • turn the furnace down at night to a cooler temperature
  • prefer to sleep in a cooler environment but stay warm under the duvet
  • prefer a warmer duvet in winter than in summer

4 Seasons duvets are great for those who:

  • prefer one duvet all year round instead of changing for the seasons
  • household temperature is maintained at a warm or moderate level all year round

Summer duvets are great for those who:

  • household temperature is maintained at a warm or higher all year round
  • for those who prefer a cooler duvet outside of the winter months
  • live in warmer climates
  • suffer from hot flashes

What is fill power?

Fill power is a measure of the loft or "fluffiness" of a down product that is loosely related to the insulating value of the down. The higher the fill power, the more air an ounce of the down can trap, and thus the more insulating ability an ounce of the down will have. Fill power ranges from about 300 to 900 for the highest quality goose down. Higher fill powers are typically associated with a warmer duvet.

Goose down duvets are meant to last a lifetime. It may feel like you are spending a lot of money, but you don't need to buy another if you get a good quality one. Work with your budget and buy the highest fill you require, and the highest thread count you can afford. 

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