How To Add Japanese Style in Your Home

Posted on December 09 2016

How To Add Japanese Style in Your Home


Do you love the Japanese influences on western culture? And I'm not just talking about sushi (although that's a really great one!). Japanese design is a very minimalist style. The kind of style that gives you room to breathe and relax. It is not crammed with stuff, or even a lot of color. It is serene and beautiful. You too can have that style and it probably wouldn't hurt to get rid of some of our clutter along the way!


Bonsai, orchids, bamboo and simple greenery are an easy way to bring Japanese style inside. They have a superior love of nature, but do not like to be overwhelmed with a lot of color. If you use color, keep it to one shade.

Magenta Faux Orchid

Magenta Faux Orchid

Faux Palm Leaf Plant

Faux Palm Leaf Plant in Grey Pot




You see these in every Japanese restaurant and every Japanese home. Lightweight and airy, yet providing privacy, they are as practical as they are functional. Simple geometric styles, they can be installed or used as a temporary barrier with the folding styles.


Think outdoor springs and spas surrounded by bamboo, cherry blossoms and Mount Fuji. Now get into your soaker tub! Nuff said.


A lot of right angles, geometry and minimalism. Aiming for the zen like feel, Japanese furniture tends to be low to the ground...closer to the earth and nature.



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