Decorating Do's & Don'ts

Posted on November 01 2016

Decorating Do's & Don'ts


We have probably all done these at some point in time....but you can stop now :-)

Call them do's & don'ts or just pet peeves, this is our top 5 list.

1. Carpet in the bathroom. 

Jayne Mansfield famously had a completely carpeted bathroom in her pink palace home. This was the 1950s so we'll let it go, but there are remnants of carpet in the bathroom with those 3 or 4 piece sets that cover the toilet lid, cuts to the bottom of the bowl and sometimes even the top of the toilet tank! Go for one shape and one rug instead.

2. Fake flowers.

Don't go to the dollar store and buy artificial flowers no matter how crafty you are. They are still artificial. Flower or foliage arrangements do not have to be ornate or expensive. Keep it simple or use a bowl of fruit for a natural look!



3. Don't use white everywhere.

.....especially if you have pets and kids. White furniture, walls and carpets won't stay white for long, unless you love doing laundry and spending a fortune on cleaning bills. While white is neutral, use is sparingly if you have a busy household. Consider darker colors.


4. Don't be afraid of color.

Nothing like a pop of color to brighten a space. And it can be temporary too. You can change up colors with items like pillows, throws or a statement chair at any time of year.

 But if beige is your thing....keep it classy, it's just that it can be boring sometimes.


5. Don't be too matchy matchy. 

You wouldn't do it in your wardrobe, so don't do it in your house! Too much of a good thing may not be a good thing. 

And start small if you are just venturing into different textures and patterns. Pillows are a great way to experiment.





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