Chalk It Up-5 Ideas For Chalkboards

Posted on March 27 2017

Chalk It Up-5 Ideas For Chalkboards


Chalkboards, blackboards and chalk paint have been popular now for awhile and they show no signs of slowing down. Chalkboard paint is an easy, budget-friendly way to turn the everyday into something extraordinary.

Use it on your walls! The beauty of it is that it is changeable. When you get board of one design, wash it off and do another! You can change it weekly if you want!

Give your kitchen backsplash a bistro look. 

As art in your dining room.

Obviously perfect for the kids rooms. Let them draw on the walls! You know they want to any way.


Do you call it a chalk board or a black board? When I was a kid, it was black board. But no matter, small boards are extremely useful!

These sandwich board chalk boards are in stock here.

 Need some wedding or party ideas? Reuse them for all your soirees.




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