Are you a Coffee or Tea Household?

Posted on June 16 2019

Are you a Coffee or Tea Household?


Coffee or Tea? Answering this seemingly simple question is like entering a minefield of possibilities. When posing this question, I'm inevitably offering a veritable monologue of choices. When purchasing the goods at the store, I end up having to park myself in the aisle stocked full of endless options. Going out for a cuppa means preparing to pay a hefty price for something with a very long name, in a suspiciously shrinking cup size. I knew that the hot beverage culture had directly impacted us in a big way, when I realized that we had devoted an entire upper cabinet and a drawer below to the art of enjoying a coffee or tea. I haven't even mentioned hot chocolate! Yikes!

What do I have in my cupboard?

Let's talk tea:

  • To wake me up - Orange Pekoe, Earl Grey, English breakfast, green tea, chai, non-compostable pods
  • To keep me balanced - Herbals such as Chamomile, barley and mint
  • When feeling under the weather or to accompany a good book - Infusions such as apple cinnamon, lemon, lavender

Coffee is a lot simpler, right?!

  • To wake me up - Hazelnut instant, compostable pods, non-compostable pods, fine grind best suited for manual drip, (we said good-bye to our old fashioned drip coffee maker a couple of years ago), Instant espresso
  • For all the flavour and none of the stimulation - Decaf non-compostable pods, instant

This long list does not complete the inventory. We also have a variety of sweeteners to suit us and our Diabetic family members - white sugar, brown sugar, honey, artificial sweetener and my favourite caramel sauce. We also have a variety of whiteners - regular milk, creamer and flavoured creamer for Husband

This incredibly comprehensive list seems sufficient enough to open up our own "HOUSE OF JOE". In the old days, we used to be satisfied enough with plain Jane hot beverages and ventured out for anything more fancy. Nowadays most households are in competition with the big coffee houses.

As if drinking the stuff isn't fun enough, I've also collected favourite mugs, chosen in my mind to pair beautifully with the choices of the day. This growing mass of mugs sit crowded in a large drawer.

As for making the perfect cuppa, we have a pod machine, French press, humble tea pot and my trusty electric kettle. We recently picked up a manual drip stainless steel form, to hold a single serve filter for our favourite fine grind. I'm a little ashamed to say I've been eyeing an espresso machine to add to the growing collection. Maybe a milk warmer as well!

Why are we wooed by this variety and complexity? The answer is quite simple. Taste. We now have access to products previously available only to coffee houses, restaurants and hotels. I also strongly believe that the obsessive popularity of a certain Seattle based coffee house is to thank or to blame, whichever way you look at it!

Nesting continues to be the lifestyle choice for many. So why not strive for the very best cup of joe or high class tea in the comforts of our own homes? If you can spare the cupboard space, go for it. This is a fascination and addiction that are here to stay! By the way, is anyone interested in trying out those famous beans which are pooped out of monkeys?


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