2018 Home Decor Trends: A Look Back

Posted on October 04 2018

2018 Home Decor Trends: A Look Back

As we near the end of another year, it's a good time to look back at a very popular website's new years day posting about what their predictions were for 2018 home design trends. It was interesting see what Houzz's take was on what they felt would become very large decor trends for this year. Let's have a look at the list to see if their forecasts were hits or misses.


As I am not an expert chef nor baker, so I personally wouldn't have jumped on this kitchen trend. This idea hasn't really caught on from what I have seen this year. Dedicated areas seem more focused on hot beverages and after dinner drinks. Our inner barista seem to be coming out with more kitchen storage and countertop space dedicated to the mighty coffee bean and the myriad of teas available today. With Mid Century modern ideals still so very hot, the scotch cart is also a very popular addition to our homes.

Glass and Brass Bar Cart - Adley & Company Inc.


I don't know about black, but matte finishes have certainly become more popular with less shiny countertops and wall/floor tiles. Less shine means we are less likely to see dust and dirt. The smear of cleaning products is not as noticeable with matte. Also paint colours seem less shiny with new wipeable matte products introduced recently. No longer are they relegated to ceilings only. And I always say that every room should have elements of black and white.


Although some may tire of seeing an all-white kitchen, such an expensive investment makes most very cautious and prefer to be more neutral than trendsetting. A lot of people feel comfortable enough to go with a different colour island, but for their main cabinetry, the white or off-white shaker or flat panel style of door profiles continue to be very popular. Trends are good for smaller ticket items, but I feel that larger more permanent elements of a home should remain subtle. Satisfy your trendy needs with the jewellery in your kitchen such as taps, handles and dishtowels.


Have we become more "OCD", more germophobes? I think that our awareness of germs and bacteria has definitely become more heightened. Marble, granite and butcher block countertops are still very popular. But so many are worried about lingering bacteria. And they are generally more labour-intensive for maintenance. For these reasons, man-made solid surfaces such as quartz or porcelain have soured in popularity. They come in so many different styles and patterns, that there doesn't seem to be a need for the real McCoys anymore.


This idea has been popular in western Europe for a long time now. There, most do not have the luxury of space so communal areas have double duty. Realistically, our desire for open concept living doesn't seem to go as far as formal dining in the kitchen. And the table height is too low for working comfortably. It's a wonderful look in a country kitchen or in a magazine, but the reality is that a small kitchen table is more likely to be seen in our kitchens.


I love tiles. I am seeing more and more of it for sure. I love the incredible choices we have today, in terms of styles, colours and materials. We are definitely spoilt for choice. I love the idea of a patterned tile cladding a wall here and there. But outside of a kitchen or bathroom, this look can be cold for those of us who live through brutal winters. Also, with open concept living, a lot of tiles would be an acoustical annoyance. Sounds would be bouncing and reverberating everywhere. A feature tile wall around a fireplace would be a good enough accent for me.


I think that this trend is still in its infancy. We are in the middle of trying to do a shower and I would love to use solid pieces for the walls. That would make installation a breeze and much less worry about mould forming. Tiles are porous and so is grout. If we can somehow minimize the use of both, that would be great. Right now, inserts and combos are very cost prohibitive. Hopefully in time, their popularity will allow for less sticker shock.


Concrete is hot! Okay, not literally of course. But its use is increasing every day. I'm starting to see it being used more often as countertops, wall accents, benches and flooring. If you would like the look but not necessarily the cost, the weight and the labour, try concrete finishes. And if you love the look of concrete flooring, consider heating it. Your toes will curl otherwise.

Concrete Table Lamp - Adley & Company Inc.


This is a trend which seems to come and go fairly often. It seems to be back again and on trend for next year as well. If you're like me, a sofa is a large monetary investment and one which I would like to have around for a long time. Ours is going on 19 years and counting. And if that long term commitment is saturated with bold colours, then you might get sick of it and feel you cannot redecorate your room because of it. Opt for colourful side chairs or just cushions and rugs.


Is this really a trend? Don't we all want calm bedrooms for rest and rejuvenation? I suppose the trend is more about casualness and modernity. We all tend to forget about our bedrooms, leaving it last on the to-do list. However, a simple and well-designed bedroom will add to the cohesiveness of your home's aesthetic. Whether it's modern or traditional, casual or formal, the bedroom is about you, so please yourselves above all others.


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