Gifts For Your Wife - Valentines Day

No doubt she runs the house, keeps the family organized and generally works behind the scenes to make everything go smoothly. You have no ideas how lucky you are! Take notice of her and buy something that has special meaning, or as we have a few suggestions here, how to turn something simple into a more loving gift.

These also make great Valentines Day gifts!

Wooden Bottle Crate with Chalkboard Front

Does she love wine? While this may look like a boring vintage wooden box, it has four compartments for her favourite bottles of wine! The front is a chalkboard label, so write your love note there.

 Wooden Bottle Crate with Chalkboard Front


Who doesn't love flowers? Try getting her a fabulous new vase and don't just hand it to her empty, add a beautiful bouquet of flowers!

Glass Peacock Blue & Green Vase


 Hard to be more clear than this Love You More pillow!

Love You More Throw Pillow

Tell her she's a STAR! Wall mounted metal Barn Stars are a great reminder of how much you love her.

Wall Metal Barn Stars


Keepsake boxes hold treasures and secrets. You can personalize a beautiful little keepsake box by adding your own handwritten love letter! This one happens to be one of our Fair Trade products!

Fair Trade Metal & Wood Keepsake Box

Seahorses are unique creatures in that they are monogamous and mate for life. Display this passion with a beautiful down filled linen throw pillow with a seahorse design.

Down Filled Sea Horse Linen Throw Pillow


Not everyone can write love letters, it has become a lost art. But you can feel like you wrote your love a stack of them with this framed print! Vintage love letters tied with twine. 

Vintage Letters Giclée Print in Custom Frame